Community-Based Mental Health Assignment

The following is the subject of the paper and instructions:Community-based mental health organizations are tasked with meeting the mental health needs of a growing portion of the population. Many of these organizations are nonprofit and/or charitable organizations that struggle to meet the growing needs of a diverse population facing an array of complex challenges. One […]

Family Leave Assignment

On page 421 of the textbook The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change, Author: Philip N. Cohen, Edition: Second) (in the Changing Law section titled Family Leave), Cohen states, “the United States is the only wealthy country that still does not guarantee any paid leave to parents to care for their children–and most countries provide […]

Reparations Assignment

Chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook The Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change, Author Philip N. Cohen, 2nd Edition provides an overview of the histories and plights of minority groups in U.S. society. Using the information that you learned from the text and in-class discussions, and incorporating the other knowledge you possess regarding the […]

Introduction to Research Proposals

Just because you thought of an interesting research question and have a desire to conduct research does not mean that your research will automatically be supported by faculty or funded by an organization. In order to gain stakeholder approval, you must submit a research proposal. Much like an outline of a paper or a treatment […]

Study Findings

Writing Up of Study Findingsa. What are the study findings? Use this section to summarize the findings for your reader.Six (6) scholarly references, with two (2) of the sources being studies, three (3) sources being form our course, and the final, sixth source being about the theory inherent in the research question.Chapter 19 & 21 […]

Aspect of oppression

Students will write a 5 to 7 page paper about an aspect of oppression (racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia etc). The paper should provide a definition of the aspect of oppression, discuss how this aspect of oppression relates to you personally, describe how understanding this aspect of oppression impacts your social work practice and highlight […]

Research paper

Research paper on the selected problem/issue affecting young adults (18-24) (30%)APA Style Required (4-5 pages plus references)Identify the current problem affecting children and/or adolescents which will be the focus of your research. **Use the following as topical titles in your paper and answer the following questions:⦁ What is the problem?⦁ What are the definitions of […]


Please reply to the questions below in essay form, utilizing Sections I and II as your section headers for the paper. Please be sure to state each question without using a, b, c, d, and e. Be sure to use Times New Roman in 12pt font size, double spaces, and APA style in-text and reference […]

Applying Humanistic/Experiential and Emotionally-Focused Theories

The theories you studied last week target patterns of behaviors, but they also incorporate thoughts and feelings in the moment and over time. You continue your application of theories to couple and family counseling by examining the systemic-emotional aspects of relationships, the patterns of interaction between couples and families, and the meaning associated with those […]

Community Social Service Agencies and Resources

Assignment: Community Social Service Agencies and ResourcesJust as other areas of need and at-risk populations require additional resources and support, so do couples and families. As a helping professional, you will be required to be aware of and be able to evaluate the mental health services provided in your community, from treatment to primary preventative […]

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