Writer’s choice – please select choices given on outline for project

This assignment doesn’t have to be top notch and I’m looking for something to just have turned in. Just do best to follow minimum guidelines. Assignment #2 has to be 800 words minimum and Assignment #3 has to be 1,000. Please do best to get that as close as possible.

World Series (baseball)

Please use the info from MLB’s World Series from 2021. You will be doing a SWOT analysis for this assignment, please see the attachment.Marketing & Fan EngagementMarketing Mix Analysis (Grade based on completeness of activity)In a minimum of 300 words answer the following questions regarding the marketing mix in your own words, using full sentences:  First, choose […]

Complete the following seven questions in a minimum of 300 words

See assignment instructions and choose two schools of your choice.Complete the following seven questions in a minimum of 300 words total (all questions combined)Navigate to https://knightnewhousedata.org/, choose two (2) institutions you want to investigate, and answer the following questions regarding each institution.   1) What are the names of the institutions you chose?  2) List the […]

Facility Scheduling at State Farm Arena

Facility Scheduling at State Farm ArenaStudents will serve as the Scheduling Manager for State Farm Arena.  As part of this activity, students will identify appropriate events. Gather and provide information about your venue, at a minimum, please include the following: Seating capacityPotential space configurations Parking/transportationPrevious events hosted Availability Average ticket pricing Identify two specific (and noticeably different) events that you will […]

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