Change in current environment

How to increase parental involvement in the school system to help bridge the gap between school and home, in hopes to improve student achievement?

CIMA 706 Advocacy Paper
Content Requirements and Scoring Details

Section 1 | 20 Points | Topic Area: Advocacy Position | Responded to main question and sub-points

Main Question: What is the identified challenge to overcome?
a. Identified and discussed problem for resolve
b. Provided evidence of the problem
c. Included valid information / Supported position w/research-

evidence/statistics/primary sources
d. Advocacy position clearly stated / identified target-goal

Section 2 | 20 Points | Topic Area: Change Benefit Analysis |Responded to main question and sub-points

Main Question [Topic Area: Change Benefit Analysis]
Why is it important to address the particular challenge identified.

a. Discussed why the change is required at this time.
b. Provides an appropriate solution that addressed the challenge.
c. Discussed threats/opportunities
d. Supported advocacy position(s) and proposed solutions w/research-based evidence
e. Addressed where the change was successfully implemented within the past 5-yr time

f. Discussed/projected success of the initiative.

Section 3 |20 Points | Topic Area: Stakeholders | Responded to main question and subpoints

Main Question Who is impacted by this change?
a. Identified key stakeholders
b. Discussed resistance issues and provided insight into how resistance will be

Section 4 | 15 Points | Topic Area: Implementation Plan | Responded to main question and subpoints

Main Question How will the change initiative be implemented?
a. Discussed communication plan
b. Discussed timeline
c. Discussed sustainability plan
d. Discussed cost benefit analysis

Section 5 | 15 Points | Topic Area: Systems Thinking | Responded to main question and subpoints

Main Question How does the initiative link with overall District Plans?
a. Student Improvement Plans
b. Vision
c. Goals

APA Criteria | 10 Points | Citations & Mechanics-Style
a. 1-error = 1-Point
b. [N = < 10] More than 10 Errors = -10 Points and/or no points added to the sum total of

points on Sections 1-5

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