Classic Rock history of the 1960’s

British rock musicians were listening to a wide variety of American pop ranging from traditional blues to the latest bands to emerge from the Brill Building. Rhythm and Blues, the “First Wave” rockers, and Rockabilly also caught their attention.Most of these bands came to the attention rock and roll fans and record labels in the U.K. due of their ability to perform American pop. In fact, most of the songs on the first album or two of most of these “British Invasion” bands were cover versions of well-known American hits.Here is a list of song from the first or second albums released by a variety of British bands around 1963 – 1965.Song ListDave Clark Five“On Broadway” [Video file] [02 min 39 sec](from the album The Dave Clark Five Return, 1964) Beatles“Chains”(from the album Please Please Me, 1963)“Baby It’s You”(from the album Please Please Me, 1963)“You Really Got A Hold On Me”(from the album With The Beatles, 1963) Hollies“Rockin’ Robin” [Video file] [02 min 15 sec](from the album Stay With the Hollies, 1964) Rolling Stones“I Just Want to Make Love To You” [Video file] [02 min 19 sec](from the album The Rolling Stones, 1964)”Can I Get a Witness” [Video file] [03 min 00 sec](from the album The Rolling Stones, 1964) Who“I Don’t Mind” [Video file] [02 min 36 sec](from the album My Generation, 1965) Yardbirds“Smokestack Lightning” [Video file] [05 min 52 sec](from the album Five Live Yardbirds, 1964) Kinks“Cadillac” [Video file] [02 min 43 sec](from the album The Kinks, 1964) Zombies“Summertime” [Video file] [02 min 12 sec](from the album Begin Here, 1965)****** Select four (4) songs and listen to the songs on YouTube. If the link to the song does not work, search for the song on YouTube, Rhapsody, or Spotify.Next, research the original version of the song and locate the YouTube video and listen to that.***** In a paragraph of approximately 150 words for each song:Identify the original writers and performers of the songProvide the YouTube link to the songExplain the historical importance or significance of the original song, the original performers, or bothCompare the two versions of the song noting the style or genre of the original recording, and how the British cover version differs from it.

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