College of DuPage Health & Medical Paper

Final Paper BIO-MEDICAL ETHICSFinal Essay
The paper, worth 25% of your final grade, is to be turned in on August
24th by 9:00AM CST. It should be 4-6 double-spaced pages long
(between 1000 and 1500 words).
Please select only one of the four prompts below:
1. Read the following case and answer the three questions below:
You are a member of an ethics advisory board that needs to develop a
policy for the just distribution of organs.
A) State and explain the principle(s) of justice that you believe ought to
govern how these organs are distributed.
B) Based on the principle(s) of justice you’ve selected above, define and
address the problem of discrimination at the level of a) admission to
waiting lists for available organs, and b) selection of individuals for
organ removal and transplantation.
C) State whether you believe that each and every human being either
has a right to health or a right to healthcare or has no such rights at all
an explain why you hold this position.
2. Select a news article that concerns a case relevant to biomedical
ethics. Show how the principles that we have studied apply or fail to
apply to the case. Make sure you attach a link to the article when you
submit the paper on dropbox.
3. Should there have been or still be a national mask mandate in
response to Covid. That is, should the federal government mandate the
use of masks indoors and/or outdoors. Address the principles of justice
in order to explain your rational.
4. E-mail or discuss with me a paper topic that you would like to

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