You have just been hired by the City of Chicago to assist them in developing new strategies to improve the effectiveness of police against the city’s well-known and widespread problems of street crime. Because of your earlier discussion with police officials, the agency’s decision makers have agreed that improvements can only result from greater collaborative effort between police and the communities they serve. Unfortunately, these officials also suspect that the citizens do not trust the police, believe them unable and uninterested in helping citizens, assume that they are generally biased and corrupt and have a low regard for police competence and expertise. As a result, you have been asked to create a process to assess citizen attitudes on each of the concerns above. What do the citizens really think of the police, how willing are they to work with police and just how bad are the problems of crime and fear in the city? In addition, what are the views of the police about the citizens and communities where they work? Do they trust their citizens and in what ways do they believe that citizens can assist them in providing better police services? How well aligned are the perceptions of both police and citizens with the reality of crime in the city? To complete the assignment, design a method by which you will gather the information required. Included here is the design of any data collection tools you might need. For example, if you intend to rely on public records what are they and how will you obtain them. If you decide on a survey of citizens and/or officers,please provide a copy of the instruments you intend to use. Further,once you have selected a method, explain how you will go about implementing your data collection plan. Finally, once done, what do you expect to learn and how will the information you gather be translated into an action plan for police innovation.

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