Constitutional Issues-Right to Privacy

  Constitutional Issues – Right to Privacy

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the

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Constitutional Issues-Right to Privacy
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Smith (2013) (Links to an external site.)


Kerr (2012) (Links to an external site.)

articles and watch the Privacy protection in today’s society video segment below:

The 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has traditionally applied to tangible materials: home, car, purse, personal belongings, etc. This Amendment states in pertinent part, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” In your 400 word minimum initial post, examine how this well over 200 year old amendment applies to the Internet and cyber crime investigations by addressing the following areas.

  • Explain how the 4th Amendment applies to non-tangible materials, such as the Internet, emails, and social media applications.
  • Analyze the “reasonable expectation of privacy” for individuals and corporations when utilizing the Internet.
  • Summarize the limits on governmental powers and methods to obtain private information from people and corporations garnered through the Internet.
  • Evaluate exceptions to the warrant requirement that police agencies can use to prosecute Internet crime.


Required Resources


Aldrich, R. W. (2000).

Cyberterrorism and computer crimes: Issues surrounding the establishment of an international legal regime (Links to an external site.)

. INSS Occasional Paper 32: Information Operations Series. Retrieved from &usg=AOvVaw1ADr-Q0lStq1LU2P1lBT-6

  • Electronic information, data storage and national security electronic reliance create an ominous threat to the increasingly information-based economies of the world’s leading countries. This article explains that the United States, with its highly networked infrastructure, is perhaps both the most powerful and the most vulnerable nation for cyber attack.

Fong, I. K. & Delaney, D. G. (2013).

America the virtual: Security, privacy and interoperability in an interconnected world: Leap-ahead privacy as a government responsibility in the digital age (Links to an external site.)

. American University Law Review, 62(5), 1131-1143.

  • The full-text version of this article is available through the EBSCOhost database in the UAGC Library. This transcription from a speech transcript of a keynote speech which was delivered by former General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Ivan K. Fong and Deputy Associate General Counsel of the DHS David G. Delaney in October 2012 explains the need or the Department of Homeland Security to be continually vigilant and inventive to prevent and investigate cybercrimes in a rapidly changing technological world.

Kerr. O. (2012, January 23).

What’s the status of the Mosaic Theory after Jones? (Links to an external site.)

Retrieved from

  • This article explains the latest status of 4th Amendment privacy issues as issued by the United States Supreme Court.
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    Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)

Smith, L. E. (2013).

Jonesing for a test: Fourth Amendment privacy in the wake of United States v. Jones (Links to an external site.)

. Berkley Technology Law Journal, 28. Retrieved from

  • An examination of whether or not the evolution of surveillance technologies over the last few decades has rendered the 4th Amendment right to privacy null.


Greco, J. I. (Writer), & Halper, A. (Producer). (1997).

Privacy protection in today’s society (Links to an external site.)

[Video file]. In Privacy and Security-A Fred Friendly Seminar. Retrieved from

  • The full version of this video is available through the Films on Demand database in the UAGC Library. This short, three-minute video explains the notion of the right to privacy being a part of the Founding Fathers’ intent for the drafting of the U.S. Constitution, even if the word “privacy” cannot be found in the document.
    Accessibility Statement (Links to an external site.)
    Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)

KnowledgeAtWharton. (2012, December 6).

Security expert Amos Guiora: “Cyber terrorism poses an enormous threat” (Links to an external site.)

[Video file]. Retrieved from

  • This 17-minute video examines the threats of cyber crime and evaluates whether or not the United States could experience a “Pearl Harbor-like” surprise, electronic attack.
    Accessibility Statement (Links to an external site.)
    Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)

Web Pages

Mitchell, J., & Pate, J. (2003, April 1).

The Department of Homeland Security: Goals and challenges (Links to an external site.)

. Retrieved from

  • This we page provides basic information about the Homeland Security Act: the reason for its creation, its implementation and goals and challenges the Department of Homeland Security faces to carry out its multi-functional purpose.
    Accessibility Statement does not exist.
    Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)

Recommended Resources

Web Pages

Department of Justice. (n.d.).

What is the USA patriot web (Links to an external site.)

. Retrieved from

  • This Justice Department website provides a synopsis of the highlights of the United States Patriot Act.
    Accessibility Statement does not exist.
    Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)


MSCJ Resources (Links to an external site.)


  • This resource site will provide assistance in researching additional sources for the assessments within this course.
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    Privacy Policy does not exist.

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