CP – Week 8 Discussion 1st REPLY

Reply to the following discussion by supporting the post.  You will want to focus on their point of view, asking pertinent questions, adding to the responses by including information from other sources. Be objective, clear, and concise. 
It is important to support what you say with relevant citations in the APA format from both the course materials and outside resources. 
JA Discussion: 
Evaluation Plan: Evaluating the Changes to Clinical Practice

Goal: The main goal of this research project is to find out which intervention works better, for both, acute weight loss and long term weight loss maintenance in a primary care clinic setting. The two interventions being researched are pharmacological or nonpharmacological approach, along with a controlled diet and exercise plan. This research is evidence based with an aim to help develop an appropriate intervention for overweight and obese people. This evidence based research will demonstrate which intervention is more productive. Implementing an evidence based practice in a clinical setting will encourage patients to achieve acute weight loss and long term weight loss maintenance.

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CP – Week 8 Discussion 1st REPLY
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Objective: to implement and assess if acute weight loss and long term weight loss maintenance can be achieved through using a pharmacological intervention such as, Phentermine, along with a controlled diet and exercise plan.  
Objective: to implement and assess if acute weight loss and long term weight loss maintenance can be achieved through nonpharmacological interventions such as, a controlled diet and exercise plan only.
Objective: to create a viable acute weight loss and long term weight loss maintenance program to help patient reduce their weight and risk factors for other health disease (OMERAD, 2021).

Description: This weight loss improvement project will take place in a primary care setting. Participants will be separated in to two groups, one that will take Phentermine, eat a controlled diet and exercise, and a second that will only eat a controlled diet and exercise. The participants will require a weekly weigh-in and status update, and blood work every three months. The research will take place over a 12 months period. Participants will be encouraged to keep track of their food intake, minutes of daily exercise, and blood pressure.   

Who are my stakeholders?
What are the barriers to successful implementation?
When will the data be collected? (The start and the end date)
How will data be collected?
What conclusions can be drawn from the data?
How will I communicate and share the results? (CDC, 2017)

Source of Data: Initial and weekly weigh-ins, consistency of diet and exercise done by participant, medication taken and side effects record, providers’ notes, cost of research for the patient and the provider, participant outcome in each groups, and participant satisfaction with their weight loss and maintenance.
Methods of data collection

Review data using descriptive statistics
Interview providers to determine their level of involvement
Review participant feedback to analyze their understanding of how achieve acute weight loss and long term weight loss maintenance according to their perspective groups
Gather participant laboratory values, weights, and demographics
Survey questions before and after starting the weight loss programs
Review and categorize comments as: “very likely,” “likely,” “somehow likely,” and “unlikely” as to whether participants recommend one program versus the other for future patients (OMERAD, 2021)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2017). A framework for program evaluation. https://www.cdc.gov/eval/framework/index.htm
 Office of Medical Education Research and Development (OMERAD). (2021). The evaluation planning tool. https://omerad.msu.edu/meded/progeval/download.html

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