CSULA IBM SPSS Statistics Software and Excel for Sociology Project

IBM SPSS Statistics BaseSPSS Problems [GSS18SSDS-A]
S1. Use the SPSS Frequencies command to produce a frequency table for the variable CONFED
(confidence in the executive branch of federal government).
What is the number of valid respondents?
Based on the valid number of respondents, what percentage of the sample reported a great deal of
confidence in the executive branch of federal government? What proportion of the sample reported
hardly any confidence?
What is the best way to graphically display these data? Explain.
S2. The GSS included a series of questions on respondents’ attitudes about abortion if the woman wants
an abortion for any reason (ABANY), is married and doesn’t want any more children (ABNOMORE), and
is low income and can’t afford any more children (ABPOOR).
Run frequencies for all the three variables.
Prepare a general statement summarizing your results from the three frequency tables. Identify the
level of measurement for each variable. How would you describe respondents’ attitudes about
S3. Produce the frequency table for HAPMAR (happiness of marriage).
What is the level of measurement for this variable?
Identify two independent variables that may affect how someone responded to HAPMAR. Explain the
relationship between these variables and HAPMAR.
What is the best way to graphically display these data? Explain.
S4. The GSS2018 respondents were asked to report their highest year of school (EDUC). Using
GSS18SSDS-A, run the frequency table for this variable. Collapse this interval-ratio variable into an
ordinal measure (omitting those who did not respond to the question). How many categories do you
Prepare a frequency and cumulative percentage table of your recoded EDUC variable.
Prepare a graphic presentation of your recoded EDUC variable.
S5. Determine how best to represent the following variables graphically:
PARTYID (respondent’s political party identification)
SEXORNT (sexual orientation)
HEALTH (condition of health)
EMAILHR (e-mail hours per week)
Note: Before selecting/constructing your graph, you may want to review the variable by first using the
Frequencies or Utilities—Variables command. The levels of measurement for several variables might be
mislabeled in SPSS. If you are using the Utilities—Variables option to review each variable and its level of
measurement, you should confirm the level of measurement by reviewing the variable’s frequency table
Excel Demonstrations [GSS18SSDS-E]
Excel Demonstrations [GSS18SSDS-E]
Before we begin this chapter’s Excel demonstrations, it is important to know that you can paste any
tables, graphs, and charts you produce in Excel into a Word document by selecting the object in Excel
you’ve created and then clicking on Edit and then Copy. You will be able to Paste (Edit and then Paste)
your object into a document, e-mail, and so on.
Demonstration 1: Producing a Frequency Distribution
In Excel, you can produce a frequency distribution for one variable at a time. Open the GSS18SSDS-E
data set. In the data view sheet of Excel, use your mouse to highlight the column “SEX,” including all of
the respondents (up to and including row 136). Your screen should look like Figure 2.16.
From the main Excel toolbar, click on Edit and then Copy. This will copy the SEX column data. On the
bottom of the Excel window, next to the sheets DATA VIEW and VARIABLE VIEW, click on the “+” sign.
Doing this will open a blank sheet that’s capable of editing. Click on the empty A1 cell, and then select
Edit and then Paste. The SEX column data have been reproduced in your new sheet (see Figure 2.17).
You are now ready to produce a frequency distribution and any other graphs or charts you may desire.
(Note: This copy-and-paste procedure of the data is an extra step because, as explained in the Chapter 1
Excel Demonstration, both the DATA VIEW and VARIABLE VIEW sheets are in “Protect” mode to avoid
any accidental changes to the data set. If you prefer, you can turn off the “Protect” mode and work
directly from the DATA VIEW sheet. To do so, on the Excel Home Tab, click on Format and under
Protection select Unprotect Sheet.)
I am gone give you access to my ebook so you can see the rest of the problems with Figures.

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