CUNY College of Staten Island Representative of The Women with Mastectomies Questions

see tables 1 and 2 of the Fu article

Fu and colleagues sampled 136 women who had mastectomies at a large teaching medical center in NYC. We feel confident that we can generalize the results to all women who had mastectomies at large teaching medical centers in NYC. Thus our POPULATION is ________________________________________________________________________

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CUNY College of Staten Island Representative of The Women with Mastectomies Questions
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The SE Mean is the SD of the POPULATION and we do not know the POPULATION mean or SD. We can use the Central Limit Theorem to estimate the POPULATION mean.

2. The SE Mean is found by dividing the SD by the square root of the sample size. Thus it is clear that the SE Mean depends on the SD (or how variable our sample is) and how large the sample is.

  • The SE Mean for symptoms was _________________
  • The SE Mean for Risk Reduction was  ____________

    The SE Mean for Weight was ____________________

    3. We can use the SE Mean to calculate Confidence Intervals and make a statement concerning the range of scores within which the Population Mean will be.

    Calculate the 95% and 99% CI for weight and draw them on a number line. Write a statement concerning your confidence intervals.

    4. What was the significance level that Fu and colleagues set? What does that mean?

    5. What was the Power level that Fu and colleagues set?

    6. Do you think they would have written a directional or nondirectional hypothesis given their problem statement?

    7. If another sample’s mean weight was 158 would they have been statistically significantly different at the .05 level?

    8. If another sample’s mean weight was 154 would they have been statistically significantly different at the .05 level?

    Clinical Scholarship
    Breast-Cancer-Related Lymphedema: Information,
    Symptoms, and Risk-Reduction Behaviors
    Mei R. Fu, Deborah Axelrod, Judith Haber
    Purpose: To explore the effect of providing lymphedema information on breast cancer survivors’ symptoms and practice of risk-reduction behaviors.
    Design: A cross-sectional design was used to obtain data from 136 breast-cancer survivors in
    New York City from August 2006 to May 2007. Descriptive statistics, t tests, chi-square
    tests, and correlations were calculated.
    Methods: Data were collected using a demographic and medical information interview
    tool, two questions regarding status of receiving lymphedema information, the Lymphedema and Breast Cancer Questionnaire, and Lymphedema Risk-Reduction Behavior
    Findings: Fifty-seven percent of the participants reported that they received lymphedema information. On average, participants had three lymphedema-related symptoms. Only 18%
    of participants were free of symptoms. Participants who received information reported significantly fewer symptoms (t=3.03; p

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