Database management

Part 2: – 
Project Implementation –
Report 2 Contents:  
1) Project goals. 

2) Database description: A general description of the database, what data is stored in the database.
How the database will benefit the users. 

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Database management
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3) Data model & design:
Completed ER/EER diagram, 5 tables minimum (8 tables in case the group has 2
-MUST use to draw the ER diagram, and then take a
-Include a snapshot of the diagram in the report. 
– Business rules.
-Data dictionary: For each one of the tables, list columns, data types, column restrictions,
column descriptions. 

4) Implementation:
-Use MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench to create the database/tables.
-Include a snapshot of the SQL code in your report
-Populate the each table with a minimum of 20 rows of sample data. Make sure the
entered data is descriptive (not just random numbers and letters.
– Include a snapshot of the SQL code in your report.
– Use MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench to write/run the SQL queries below. For
each query, provide the following in Report 2:
–  Snapshot of the code and the output in the report.  
– In about 2 lines, explain what the query returns.
– 1 trivial query. Simple select with ordering.
– 2 medium difficulty queries. Queries that use composite condition for selection,
computations, aggregate function and grouping.  
– 1 query that uses subquery.
– 2 queries that uses join (1 inner join, 1 left or right outer join).
– 1 view (query must use join – hint: you can use one of the queries from the
previous question).
– 1 query that uses union.
– 1 custom stored function.
-1 custom stored procedure. 

Part 3: Presentation  
1. Create a PowerPoint presentation of your project, the presentation should contain the
• Project description
• Project goals.
• ER diagram (same ER in Report 2).
• Ten snapshots of the queries with their output and a little bit of description on what
does each query do.
• Note: Even if you are working in a group of two, you only need to include 10 queries
in the presentation.
• Project difficulties.


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