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8/10/22,9:38 PM Module 5 Reflection

https://ace.instructure.com/courses/1900394/assignments/15484167 1/1

Reflection on ESL/Bilingual Education
Submit the assignment by 11:59 PM PT Sunday of Module 5.

Now that you have broadened your knowledge of the foundations of bilingual/ESL education, take time
to reflect on how your new learning can help you, your school, and your students. In this module’s
reflection, you will reflect on your assignments and their outcomes.

NOTE: While this is a reflection on your learning, please remember it is an academic reflection and should still
be written as any other academic paper (i.e., Introduction, Body (with the subtopics) and Conclusion) and have
at least two-peer-reviewed sources. These may be sources you’ve used throughout the course and/or new
sources from this module or your own research.

Create a Word document for your response.
Use APA format for the title page, references page, and paper. Use subheadings.
Provide appropriate references and citations in APA format.
Include an introduction and a conclusion in your paper.
Reflect upon what you have learned about foundations of ESL and bilingual education.
Use the guiding questions/prompts to stimulate your thinking and guide your writing. Do not include the
questions in your paper.

Cultural and Linguistic Awareness
Based on what you have learned in this course, why does cultural and linguistic awareness matter?
How do cultural and linguistic awareness impact student learning?
How do cultural and linguistic awareness impact your instructional effectiveness?
How can cultural and linguistic awareness develop or broaden your work as an advocate for English

Research and Assignments
What research/article was most beneficial in helping you understand the needs of second language
How can you apply what you learned in the course assignments to strengthen teaching and learning for
second language learners?

Analysis and Application
Of your course assignments, which was most helpful to you as a teacher of English learners?
How will you apply what you learned to improve teaching and learning for English learners?

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