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Discussion/Openmindedness and Empathy

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Step 1: Listen to and take notes on the Intercultural Competence Lecture.



Step 2: Listen to and take notes on the RSA Animate The Power of Outrospection video.



Step 3: Listen to and take notes on the npr.org article Belief In Climate Change Hinges on Worldview at:

 (Links to an external site.)


Step 4:  One of our goals this quarter is to become competent in intercultural communication and practice being more open-minded (as opposed to dogmatic or closed-minded) as well as empathic.  In at 200-300 word post, respond to the following 2 questions:  

Question 1:  How, specifically do you practice 
open-mindedness?  Please provide one specific suggestion as to how you can promote open-mindedness in an intercultural setting. 

Question 2:  How, specifically do you practice 
perspective-taking or empathy?  Please provide specific suggestions as to how you can become more empathic in an intercultural setting. In your response, please illustrate how your suggestions would work using a real-life example or scenario. 

Please note:  You must first post your own original initial response (at least 200 words in length) before viewing the initial responses of your classmates. Do not post a blank response first and then view the responses of your classmates as doing so will compromise the originality of your own response and result in points being deducted from your score on the assignment or a grade of “0” (zero).

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