discussion 8

Young children and teens tend to be “picky eaters.”  This may lead to an imbalanced diet, poor intake of vitamins and minerals, and an increased risk of nutrient deficiencies.  In this discussion you will gather and share ideas to help with this problem.  Your first post should include the following three points.
1) Choose to discuss either toddlers/children OR ‘tweens’/teens.  Briefly discuss the reason for your selection.
2) Using the HON website from Unit 1, research to find a reliable source for specific tips and strategies on how to encourage children to eat a well balanced diet. Include the web link to the specific article.
3) Using your research, describe at least one idea which might be used to support with eating/feeding challenges of children.  Do you think the idea will work?  Why or why not?  Have you tried any of the ideas with your family or seen others use the suggestions?  Discuss.
Responses that are copied and pasted from the Internet will not receive credit.  You will need to post your initial work before you can view the work of others. 

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discussion 8
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