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Q1: Comparing modern day with older generations have the view of muslims and arabs changed throughout social media, the community and government?
In this week’s lecture, we were introduced to new immigrant groups the Muslims and Arabs, and groups within these two primary categories that today’s society doesn’t really talk about. We were introduced to these new immigrant groups and quickly connections of similarities and differences between other immigrant groups were made. The idea of how these groups are portrayed in social media especially was brought up. Is modern-day perspective and ideas changed on how the older generation portrays the Mulsim and Arab community? If so give an example whether it’s a film, book, image, or text how modern-day has improved. If it hasn’t given an example of how no change has been made.

Q2: Was there a violation of rights against the Arabs during Operations?
Nixon’s Operation Boulder in 1972 allowed for the FBI to spy on and harass Arabic-speaking people. Operation Abscam worked on the assumption that Arabs were obstructing domestic elections. Lastly, L.A. 8, individuals were arrested on suspicion of “terrorist attack”. This obviously isn’t fair towards Arabs. Was there a violation of rights? Should they be given reparations for what they faced?

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Discussion board
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