Discussion Questions (DQ)

DQ1: Provide an example of an idea, creativity, and innovation and argue why it best fits that category.DQ2: Identify three catalysts to enable innovativeness. Explain how they would enable innovation in your organization.DQ3: Why is it significant that an organization allow for failure? What are some significant ways an organization can allow for failure and still find success?DQ4: Making a pivot has saved organizations from completely deteriorating. Research an organization of your choice that has made an impactful pivot. Write an 8-10 sentence summary of the organization and the monumental pivot.DQ5: Analyze and explain a successful organization’s structures and conditions that facilitated creativity and innovation. What structures inhibited creativity and innovation? Give examples and explainDQ6:Watch the TED Talk, “Alan Iny: Reigniting Creativity in Business”:http://www.ted.com/watch/ted-institute/ted-bcg/alan-iny-reigniting-creativity-in-businessWhat resonated with you? What is your takeaway?DQ7: How can organizational culture influence creativity both negatively and positively? Provide examples to support your response.DQ8:Which of the four lenses of innovation do you see most frequently within your organization? Which do you see less frequently? Provide specific examples. How would this information help you in moving innovation forward within your organization?DQ9: Provide three examples of how creativity, flexibility, innovation, and leadership intersect to drive organizational success. What is the impact on the organizations? DQ10: Describe a leader you respect and admire. How has this influential leader aided in sustaining innovation and structures within the leader’s organization? What personal qualities do you have in common with this leader? Provide specific examples.DQ11: Einstein once said, “Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.” Explain what Einstein meant in this statement. How does this statement affirm the innovative organization you researched for your assignment? Provide specific examples.DQ12: In Topic 1, you researched an organization that was successfully implementing innovation. What type of organizational structure does the organization have? How does this structure make the organization successful?DQ13: Select an example of an innovative process that has resulted in significant change in your industry. What factors contributed to the success? Be specific.DQ14: Develop three strategies to promote productive, innovative practices. How would such strategies cater to innovative engagement and the development of new ideas?DQ 15: Discuss the innovation strategies you feel would provide sustainable change and organizational success. Provide specific examples. DQ16: Throughout this course, you have been analyzing and researching innovative strategies and structures. When considering innovation within organizations, what do you think has the greatest impact for innovative success? Support your ideas with specific details.All DQ should be 200 words. 1 reference per DQ. Here is my log in information to review the book and any relevant document related to the course work. web: https://lc-grad3.gcu.edu/learningPlatform/user/login.htmlUsername: DCleveland5Password: Hn4k7ZWj52B

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