Discuss linguistic diversity and the use of language by students in your school and classrooms.  Consider not only other-language speakers but also those students who use different dialects of Standard English, Ebonics for example.  What is your opinion of this?  Please be honest but also sensitive. 
Some directions to consider with your discussion:
-Since this is America, should school children only be allowed to speak SAE (standard American English)?
-Do you understand and/or allow dialectically different or foreign languages to be spoken in your classroom?
-Why or why not?
-Do you believe that Ebonics should be recognized and respected as a language of our students?
-How do you feel about code-switching and do you allow your students to do so?  Do you see it happen in your schools?
-Do language differences cause any problems in your schools?  If so, what kind?  Between groups of students or between faculty and students?
There are a lot of directions that this discussion can take.  Your group will interpret it in a different way than another group.  Please take in any direction you wish.  Just remain cognizant of being respectful and open-minded.

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