dq responses and teacher response

Teacher’s responseMallary Tytel“Most people search for value when spending money. This means getting the quality that you want at a fair price. When a company buys equipment, they determine what they need, then invite suppliers to bid. When a kitchen needs renovating, most ask three good contractors to submit a bid. We bring this approach to finding quality medical care.” -Company Advertisement. Hello everyone,A friend of mine told me he recently had surgery. He had been putting the procedure off for several months and managing the pain because he did not have any insurance. Finally, he had to give in, and he decided to shop his health care around. After researching his cause, he found a place that could meet his needs. He didn’t mind too much having to travel from Phoenix to Los Angeles for care – the next closest place was Houston. When I started asking for details, he directed me to MEDIBID (www.medibid.com) one of a number of medical service providers that offers cash-paying patients “price, location, time-to-treatment … even professional credentials” for you to get the care you need. This, too, is the future of health care. Check out MediBid or any other bid-for-care providers.What do you think?Thanks!Dr TytelDear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. -John 1:2What are your thoughts about the emerging accountable care organizations? In what ways do you think they will affect the current health care delivery system? How do you think the practice patterns of primary care physicians will change under the new models of health care? What are the biggest problems that this could bring to primary care practices?response to Andrea Gori 2 posts Re:Topic 8 DQ 2Accountable care sounds promising when speaking about patient care. This is defined as a group of health care constituents who voluntarily come together to provide coordinated high-quality care to populations of patients, focusing especially on the chronically ill making sure they receive the right care and right time and without harm. I feel as if this type care is trying to incorporate communication between the providers so that they can all know what the situation is with the patient and how they can deliver the right treatment. I have requested referrals from my primary care doctor and gone to these other providers at the end of the visit they speak to me but no one gets back to my doctor. There should be more communication between providers especially when it involves a person that is treating different illness. This will definitely change the delivery system because there will be other providers involved in the care of the patients. It can be beneficial to have different expertise and different inputs about treatments and what would work better. The role of the primary physician will change because it would not just be them in charge of care but other doctors as well, maybe some physicians will not be happy while others might take this as a way to lessen the work load and have support. Reference Burton, D. Haughorn, J. 2018. What is an Accountable Care Organization. Aklas. Retrieved from https://www.healthcatalyst.com/insights/what-is-an-ACO-definitive-guide-accountable-care-organiz

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dq responses and teacher response
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