Draw images of processes

1. Draw, label, caption and upload a diagram that shows how an individual’s genotype is expressed in it’s phenotype. Include the following:

The initiation of transcription including these regulatory proteins: one activator, one enhancer, one DNA bending protein, one promoter, one gene, RNA polymerase
The full process of transcription
mRNA processing & splicing
The full process of translation including three codons translated into their three respective amino acids
Explanation of the relationship between genotype and phenotype at the molecular level in the caption
All three types of RNA labeled
anticodon of tRNA correctly labeled for the final amino acid in the little polypeptide
2. Draw, label, caption and upload a series of diagrams that show the different ways that gene expression is controlled in the order that they happen in the cell. Include the following:

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Draw images of processes
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DNA packing with labeled DNA, histones, nucleosomes, fully formed chromosome.
Caption explaining how gene expression is controlled by DNA packing.
Control of gene expression at the transcription level with labeled transcription factors and regulatory genes.
Caption explaining how gene expression is controlled at the transcription level.
Alternative splicing.
Caption explaining how this leads to the formation of different mRNA products from a single gene.
The role miRNAs in controlling gene expression, with associated caption
mRNA breakdown, with associated caption
Protein processing, with associated caption


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