Papers are due Sunday, March

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9tht at 5pm (EST).
Late submissions will be accepted no later than Wednesday, March 22nd mid-night. There will be no further extension granted unless there is a sanctioned or documented absence on file. Late submissions will result in a 15pt penalty.
*Includes papers submitted beyond 3/19/23 5:15pm (EST)

Due date for topics is week 5 (
Sunday, February 5th at 5pm (EST)). Once a topic is submitted it cannot be changed. An assessment drop box will be provided for chapter/topic choice.

Failure to submit a chapter/topic will result in a topic being chosen for you. No exceptions

Students are to choose any crises related topic
covered in class from the following chapters: 6
through 12 .


1- If you choose chapter 6– Crises of Loss: Death, Relationship Breakups and Economic Loss you must choose a specific loss discussed in the chapter (eg. loss of loved one, divorce, loss of job)

2 If you choose chapter 7 – Community Disaster, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder you must specify the type of disasters associated with the chapter and your understanding of each

3- If you choose chapter 9 – Crises Related to Personal Trauma you must choose a specific trauma discussed in the chapter (e.g. Sexual Assault/Rape, Child Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, Bullying)

4 – If you choose chapter 11 – Substance Use Related Disorders and Crises you must choose a specific substance discussed in the chapter (e.g. alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc.)

Expectations of the paper
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the topic chosen and how you would implement what you’ve learned through the course of the semester in assisting a “client” going through the crisis.
IMPORTANT: In addition to the chapter chosen, the paper is expected to reference but not limited to what is learned in chapters 1-3

Paper’s Requirements
· Abstract
· Body of your paper
· Introduction of a fictional“client” and the crisis they are dealing with. Your introduction should not exceed more than one page and should provide all of the following:
EXAMPLE: Topic: Chapter 6- Crisis of Loss: Death
Who is your client?: 45 year old woman who recently lost a loved one (specify relationship to your client – mother, stepmother, grandparent, friend, mentor, etc.)
Cause of death of loved one: illness (specify illness and length of time), accident; homicide, etc.
Support system or lack of : is your client married? single? Widowed( perhaps the deceased was the spouse), etc.
Effect(s) the loss has on your client: diagnosed with depression, effects on his/her marriage, job, etc. has turned to substance abuse (eg. alcohol), etc.
Other relevant information you may feel is important – was your client the caregiver? if so, for how long? was your client close or estranged from the deceased? was the deceased caregiver for the past 3 years, etc.

· Your thorough understanding of the topic chosen (eg: with loss you want to incorporate the Worden’s Tasks of Mourning discussed in the chapter)

· Issues /Challenges that you may face when working with your “client” (eg. ethical and professional issues)

· What are the issues?What are the challenges?

· Effects of the crisis on your “client” and/or family members

· How would you work in assisting your client with the effect of their crises ? (do not refer the client out to another crisis worker)

· Conclusion

· Reference page


· Papers are to be written in APA format. Papers not submitted in APA format will
not be accepted (
do not forget the
running head and page numbers

· This paper should provide a
minimum of five citations. Do not confuse citations with references located on the reference page.

· Failure to submit the final paper will result in a grade of zero and must be reported to the Dean of Criminal Justice, Dean Harrison.

· All assignments must be submitted in the drobox provided during week 11. Papers should not be emailed unless directed by the Professor


1. SafeAssign provides an originality report.  *If your report is above 30% it will be reviewed with the possibility of being returned for corrections and resubmission. A drafts dropbox is available in the course’s main page not only for homework assignments but for the final paper. This dropbox allows students to see the originality report and adjust it accordingly before submitting the final paper for grading. It is important to note that submissions to the draft box are not reviewed or graded. This is provided solely for your benefit to ensure that you do not exceed the originality percentage. It is not mandatory to submit a draft but strongly recommended.

1. Final papers submitted with an originality report of 70% or higher will automatically be reported to Dr. Coultman the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs. The opportunity to resubmit will be at the discretion of the Professor.


· APA format (title page, abstract, reference page-
these pages are not included in the page requirement)

· The title page should include
all of the following:

Student’s name

Course # – LA 246

Research Paper’s Name (do not name it final paper)


Professor’s Name

· Font – 12 inch font – Times New Roman Print

· Margins – 1 inch margins

· Running head and page numbers

· All paragraphs should be indented accordingly and meet the minimum required sentences (refer to syllabus)

· No wide margins or triple spacing between paragraphs

· 5 full pages minimum – doubled spaced – 7 page maximum

· I will not read past the maximum number of pages so please stay within the page limit If not, you may lose valuable points for any portion of the paper that is a gradable item such as the conclusion

· Papers that do not meet the minimum required pages will be returned and subject to the late submission penalty

· Graphs or tables are not accepted in the paper

· Reference page should have a minimum of 5 references. The textbook is allowed as a reference; however, Wikipedia and Lecture Notes are not.


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