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ASSIGNMENTDIRECTIONS!!!  & guide to writing 


Your writing must be formal. should be in full-text, not attachments.
An introduction, body, and
conclusion are expected minimum 5 paragraph essay.
DO NOT exceed the word limit. You must cite any information in your
500–1000-word response limit that is not common knowledge
. Only course materials may be cited.
You are required to cite the textbook within the essay–please follow your quote or reference with the page number, for example (409) or location number if you are using a digital copy of the textbook, for example, (Location 1828). I recommend a maximum of two direct quotes for essays of this length. Only course materials may be cited. You must use quotation marks around any statements copied from the text (along with the page number, cited) in order to avoid committing plagiarism. Failure to properly cite information will result in a substantial
loss of points.

Answer  Question

Analyze the impact of Republican Motherhood and the Cult of Domesticity on American women in the context of the Early National Period and Industrialization, 1750-1860. 

Please note: Compare and contrast requires an analysis of both similarities and differences.

The screenshots are the book the pages are at the bottom so you can site it this is the book the screenshots are for the book called :

Through Women’s Eyes: An American History With Documents 5th Edition



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