In your teams, write an interview summary using the information in the PDF attached below. This is a mock-interview, this will not be the same data that you will use on your Employment Outlook Report. This is to give you some practice summarizing both your primary and secondary research.


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Summarizing Interviews
An important element to your team’s Employment Outlook Report is evidence of primary research. In

addition to reporting the general employment outlook of your field, each team member must analyze

three relevant job postings and interview one professional. Synthesizing that primary data—and

presenting it to readers in an engaging, comprehensible style—can be challenging.

This activity allows you to practice writing an interview summary. Good summaries provide readers with

an overview of the interview content rather than just transcribing the answers like the example below.

Summaries also highlight general topics that were discussed in the interview and mention if the

discussion revealed anything surprising. Here are some general guidelines for summarizing an interview.

Write an introduction. Provide the crucial details about the interview. State the subject’s name and

position. Explain why you interviewed the subject, and how the information informs your research


Give a brief overview. Provide an overview of the interview. Include general topics that you discussed with

the interview subject and address the major themes of the subject’s answers. Do not go into great detail;

instead offer summary statements that give the reader an idea of the content.

Discuss the major findings. Note any discoveries you made during the interview. Include only the facts or

anecdotes that are relevant to the purpose of the interview and (or) your research objectives. If you

uncovered anything that was surprising, discuss it in this section.

Conclude the interview summary. Summarize (3–5 sentences) the interview and your major findings.

Restate your plans for using the information you gathered during the interview.


In your teams, use the above guidelines to write a summary of the below interview. The interview subject

was a tax associate/accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The interviewer was seeking information for

her portion of the Employment Outlook Report.

Remember that all team members must summarize their interviews. Collectively, these interviews should

all be an equal number of words written in a consistent style. Your team should also note any interesting

overlaps or surprising findings among all the interviews.

Original Interview Text. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics gives similar job outlook projections for all

accounting and auditors. Similarly, the projected job growth is 13% with the mean salary falling around


Interview: Lucero Martinez, 22-years-old, tax associate/accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Q: What area of accounting is your focus in and what are some of the duties required?

A: My accounting focus area is tax accounting and in addition I have been working with the forensics team

as well. I assist in the administration of a settlement fund to compensate businesses that were affected

by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010. I am the primary reviewer and process Business Economic

Loss Claims, analyze variances between Profit & Loss statements versus Federal tax returns and make

calculations to determine compensation for claimants.

Q: Did your job require a specific level of education?

A: My specific job requires 150 credit hours including 30 advanced accounting hours. My firm

emphasizes the importance of a Certified Public Accounting license (which I am currently working on


Q: When you applied for your job was it in demand? Or is hiring more seasonal?

A: Accounting is always in demand! PwC specifically hired several interns and associates year-round! It’s

an exciting field to be in!

Q: If you had any advice for future accounting professionals, what would it be?

A: Accounting isn’t easy, but anything worth doing will not come easy! It’s a great field to be in and

opportunities are endless so never be afraid to explore all of your options (government, public, academia,

industry accounting etc.). Talk to professionals, instructors, do internships, and learn. I recommend

reaching the State requirement of 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA. Obtaining this license will help you

advance your career at a faster pace! Attend socials because networking is key! Work hard and always

keep a positive attitude! Accounting is where you want to be. One thing for sure is that you will NEVER not

have a job in accounting

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