Edouard Manet-Option 2 on instructions

Instructions:Please make sure you have reviewed all your notes and completed all assigned readings before attempting to complete this project.Due to the proximity of the end of the term, this assignment will not have a grace period of submission. Questions:Your answer must be presented in your own words, in complete and coherent sentences. You must ponder on the content of the last modules, and consider our course objectives stated above. Select one from Option 1 or Option 2:Option 1:An essay which analyzes the form and content of a work of art. You will select two works from different cultures produced between 1800 – 2000’s.Option 2:An essay which analyzes the form and content of a work of art. You will select one work of art produced between 1800 – 2000’s to explore how it approaches notions of gender, diverse bodies, or politics; or a work with a clear relationship to cultural identity. Instructions:2. You may use our assigned online resources, or visit any of the currently open online museums (see our last module) to select your work of analysis.3. Include an image of your selected work, identified with its name, year of completion, artist, and medium. 4. Approach the following:Period or style, and theme (take into consideration the material in Unit 1.1 summary and Chapter 3 of Getlein’s Living with art)Briefly discuss the main visual elements we see in the selected work, as applies (take into consideration the material in Unit 1.1 summary)How does the work make you feel? Why?How do you think this work is relevant in the context of the time it was produced? Discuss how your selected work is a remarkable sample of how the fine arts intertwine in the Humanities and society in general. 5. Please identify your selected option in the title of your paper6. Your discussion should be done in 1-2 paragraphs, totaling 10-12 sentences (5-6 sentences per paragraph).7. The assignment must be submitted as a .doc or .pdf document.8. This is an individual work. Any unacceptable similarities between classmates’ assignments will be dubbed suspicious and will be awarded 0. All assignments are subjects to norms of academic integrity. Plagiarism is unacceptable.All sources used for the completion of the assignment must be included at the end of the paper.

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Edouard Manet-Option 2 on instructions
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