Individual Discussion Topics:

1) Paraphrase the first example, and write a direct quote for the second. Remember to include MLA documentation and a speech tag, introduction, or integration so that readers will know the context from which the information came.

· “The Center for Marine Conservation reported that volunteers scouring ocean beaches and inland shorelines cleaned up more than 7 million pieces of trash, including cigarette butts, bottles, cans, lightbulbs, syringes, and plastic bags.” Found in magazine article by Cindianne Jernigan, “Cleaning Up,” Natural State, Volume 8, Issue 43, page 105.

· “Storage is so cheap now that photographers have no excuse for not backing up their images. Arrange backup to be redundant and automatic. Store photos in at least three ways, with one of those being off premises.” Found in a magazine article by Dee Kay, “Preserving Your Best Photos,” Photography Solutions, Volume 10, Issue 12, June 2009, page 209.

2) You are calling Sanford Weiss to set up an interview about a new type of home security system he invented. What arrangements should you discuss with him? List three things you should cover in the phone call to set up the interview.

 Discussion Objective(s):

· Select one of the above topics, and follow the instructions provided.

· After completing your assignment, pose one meaningful question that allows your classmates to examine your assignment and connect it to our discussion on research and recommendation reports.

· Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

· Include which topic you chose to complete in your subject line.

According to the Center for Marine Conservation, volunteers cleaned up more than 7 million pieces of rubbish from inland and coastal shorelines, including plastic bags, bottles, cans, lightbulbs, and needles (Jernigan, p 105).



“Storage is so cheap now that photographers have no excuse for not backing up their images” (Dee Kay, 2009).


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