English self

Reflective Narrative Essay: Self-Identity

During this unit, we will be talking about the idea of self-identify
and how we as individuals are shaped by many experiences,
perspectives, people, and communities. Professors expect
students to be able to consider past events and draw some
purpose or significance from them. While the primary objective
may change from class to class or teacher to teacher, being able
to think about your own experiences, whether they be personal,
academic, or professional, and consider shifts in perspective,
growth, learning, or understanding is critical to real learning.

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English self
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For this assignment, you are going to write a reflective personal
narrative essay with two purposes in mind: 1) to practice reflection
and connection writing, and 2) to document your development
and conscious awareness of self-identity. In other words, you will
be defining some element of your own identity, reflecting on how
that identity was developed, and discussing how that current self-
awareness affects your actions/behaviors/decision-making

There are many areas of self-awareness that we could discuss,
maybe too many to count, and certainly too many to list. However,
a few of the most common identities you might consider are social
identities, character identities, cultural identities, religious
identities, family identities, academic or professional identities,
moral or ethical identities, etc. 

Consider the model essays included in this week’s unit materials
(we will discuss several of these in class). Each of them clearly
illustrates the identity conflict of the author and uses several
personal experiences to describe how the author developed a
clearer sense of self-awareness and acceptance. The authors
describe how their attitudes of themselves and others have
changed over time. 

Your essay should be 4-6 pages and formatted to MLA standards.
It will be written from a first person point-of-view and have an
appropriate title. While outside research will not be required within
the essay itself, you are always welcome to include it so long as it
is properly cited (see me with questions). Please include a
correctly formatted Works Cited page if needed. 

I will look specifically at narrative development and structure,
voice, word choice, description (concrete), purpose, and sentence
structure. In other words, this essay should demonstrate skills
you’ve learned throughout the term, along with narrative and
storytelling skills.

My admiration to Aviation Page 1

My admiration to Aviation

As a kid, my mom, my sister, my younger brother and I, we were used to travel by plane

at least once a year to visit our relatives. Since I known my self, nothing gave me the inspiration

to be as anything or anyone as my mother did; one thing my mom encouraged me to do is to be

one of those people who fly these massive airplanes. A pilot is the goal now, a goal that turned

me to become ambitious about aviation.

All the market indications shows that industry ( Aviation ) is a growing in a way that no

body really expected. That encouraged me even more to persuade my passion, knowing that the

industry is having lack of pilots.

Furthermore, the lifestyle of a pilot suites me very well. Travel is what I admire and

learning about different cultures is one of the things that I love and cherish. All that comes in a

package deal as soon as a person becomes a pilot. In addition, the features that comes with a job

like that, commercial pilot, are very tempting the high salaries, non-routine and the social status

are hard to say no to, at least by me.

It is 2016 and I just graduated from High school, at that time I applied for the scholarship,

that ministry of education provides, so that I can get financial support to study aviation science

overseas. The scholarship was not easy to get. Therefore, I had to work a lot to prove to the min-

istry that I am worthy of it.

In conclusion, the passion that my mother put inside my hart as a little kid, the situation

of the industry, the rich and lush lifestyle and the hard qualifications that I need to meet in the

My admiration to Aviation Page 2

eyes of the ministry to get the scholarship are some of the reasons that made me study aviation in

the United States now.

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