Essay on Church Evaluation

In assessing the health of a church, it is important to discover the ministry’s core values so that we know why it does what it does or does not do what it should do (such as make disciples). Core values get at the church’s DNA or core identity. The Church Core Values Audit will help us here. The second component of determining the health of a church has to do with how clear it is about its mission and vision and how well it is accomplishing them. Then we want to examine the church’s strategy, which enables it to accomplish its mission and vision. The Church Health Assessment will help us make these determinations.For your major project, you will write an essay on assessing the health of a local church. Prepare your essay by completing the following steps: Step 1: Set an appointment with the highest authority possible at the church you attend. (Senior or lead pastor is preferable.) Mine was done with the Senior Pastor, Pastor Kennedy of The Church of Esther. Step 2: Take the Church Health Assessment and record your score.Step 3: At your appointment, have your church authority take the Church Health Assessment and give it back to you for scoring. Use the Church Leader Questionnaire Form as a guide to interview the church authority. Finish the interview by having the leader take the Church Core Values Audit.Step 4: Compare your Church Health Assessment with that of your church authority. Compile all scores and use the information you gained in the interview and the Church Core Value Audit to prepare an essay around the question: How healthy is my church? Focus on areas where the two assessments agree and on where there are differences of opinions. Establish how well the church is living up to its declared core values. Analyze the true condition of the church and give recommendations on how it can improve. Make sure your essay includes an introduction and a conclusion. Step 5: Use your assessment of discipleship principles and components as well as the understanding you have gained through your reading to develop your essay. Give examples from the Bible as well as your own personal observations and experiences. Bring out discipleship principles and give illustrations to support your assertions. This essay should not exceed 2,000 words but should be at least 4 pages in length. It should exhibit college-level writing and include references to external resources (e.g., textbook, course lecture, scholarly article, or appropriate website). All references should follow proper citation rules in Turabian format.I will submit separately the completed forms. I will also submit in bullet points to the writer my personal beliefs and opinions from the results of the survey for the writer to compile it in an essay. I will also send the Discipleship-Making Essay that was previously written and is being asked to connect in Step 5. Use the Holy Bible as the reference or if needed by NOT NECESSARY textbook from the Discipleship-Making Essay.

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