facebook discussion – 300 words urgent

For instance, some communities have termed certain activities and behavior as deviant. On the same note, some crimes are not deviant based on their nature and the underlying behavior (McCaghy, Capron, Jamieson & Carey, 2016). One of the most common examples of deviant behavior include incidents such as robbery. Other examples include crimes such as theft, rape and battery. From another dimension, there are diverse factors that should be considered when defining crimes. Some crimes such as murder are also considered to be deviant since they go against the social norms of the community. 
Law enforcement officers and agents must understand the basics of the occurrence of each incident mentioned above. When addressing crimes such as murder, it is essential to look at the legal systems and standards that have been implemented today. These guidelines should offer the ultimate framework for determining criminal cases. Additionally, when addressing behavior that undermines or violate the social norms of a given community, it is essential to consider the changes in ethics and moral guidelines observed today. In this case, factors such as globalization should help law enforcement officers to make decisions about the best ways to handle the arising crimes and deviance behavior in the future. Failing to align the law enforcement work with the trends in the community brought about by factors such as technology may affect the overall abilities to achieve the desired outcomes. 
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facebook discussion – 300 words urgent
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