Final Exam – review of class with specific questions

Each question should represent one page and should not quote much of the textbooks. Writer 1454 is familiar with the books we have used in this class. Please reach out if you need help. Page #1. Briefly describe issues you perceive to be important in considering organizational behavior and an entity’s ability to affect its surrounding community.Refer to John Kotter’s book – speak about the importance of maximizing resources of time, people and money. You can speak on the 4 principles of leadership: developing vision, developing strategy, being able to build a team (team building) and problem solving. Page #2. Give a basic overview of the essence and importance of an organization’s mission, vision, and strategy.provide an overview — you can refer to 3 places that good leaders go to — upward to God, inward to self (what are they good at) and outward to their situation. You have to support it with class notes and reflection on the books read. Page #3. Briefly explain three aspects of distinctively spiritual leadership according to J. Oswald Sanders.A paper was previously done on this — speak on servant leadership — leaders are learners, they have a spirit filled prayer life, they are disciplined, they manage time well and they are wise. Page #4. Provide a brief explanation of a situation when each of the leadership styles may be the MOST APPROPRIATE. I will send in a separate email – information that will help you with page #4. 5.Which of the styles from Question 4 best represents the most often utilized style of Biblical leaders? Examples?use examples that utilize biblical leaders and give examples form the Bible. Will send additional information that will help with pages 4 & 5. Thank you.

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Final Exam – review of class with specific questions
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