Full Spectrum Nursing Model


Using the client information provided, respond to the critical thinking questions. Each response should be original (in your own words) and a minimum of three sentences in length.

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Full Spectrum Nursing Model
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Client Information

Meet your client, Joslyn.

You are a nurse in a community clinic and your first client of the day is a single woman in her early 20s. Joslyn is Cuban American and lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment. She works as a fitness trainer at the local fitness club while attending college part-time. Her family lives across the state. Joslyn’s income places her at the poverty level. Joslyn is well aware that being proactive in her health care is key to preventing health problems.

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. To care for Joslyn, what knowledge would you need that you do not already have? Find and link a reputable source that could assist you in gaining knowledge to help with her case.
  2. As the nurse, you ask, “If you are having trouble affording health care, couldn’t you get a roommate to save some money on rent?” What are some critical thinking questions you should ask yourself when reflecting on this question later?
  3. What kind of assessment will you perform for Joslyn (e.g., comprehensive, focused, special needs, discharge)?
  4. In what ways are you like Joslyn? In what ways are you different?

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Viewing Rubrics in Canvas on
Turnitin Assignments

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