GCU Health & Medical Functional Health Patterns Paper

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Through interviewing the patient and family about the presence or history of illness and disease that may be related to renal or gastrointestinal disorders, functional health patterns can be assessed that provide insight for the nurse into the current and past state of health of their patients. Functional health patterns include: health perception or values, nutrition/metabolic patterns, sleep patterns, elimination patterns, activity/exercise, cognition/perception, sensory perception, role relationships, reproductive/sexuality, and established coping skills (Whitney, 2018).Factors that should be considered include genetic/family history of disease, history of alcohol use or abuse, obesity, smoking, hypertension, and recurrent kidney infections. Subjective data include past medical history, medications, and previous surgeries. Psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual considerations offer even greater insight into the patients’ state of health. Certain cultural health disparities related to renal and gastrointestinal disorders should not be overlooked. Many symptoms, such as incontinence, for example, may go underreported because it is considered a social hygiene problem in some cultures, causing embarrassment. Kidney stones, cancer, and other disorders have higher incidence in certain cultures because of higher incidence of genetic conditions in certain ethnic groups (Whitney, 2018).

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GCU Health & Medical Functional Health Patterns Paper
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