Grand Strategy Selection Case

The Module 3 Case assignment requires that you use the various Grand Strategy selection matrices to select the grand strategy (or strategies) that the Coca-Cola Company should follow. REFERENCE MUST INCLUDE POWERPOINT SLIDES Case Assignment1.List the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the Coca-Cola Company that you identified in the Module 2 Case assignment.2.Review the SWOT Analysis Diagram (Slide 4 of the Grand Strategy Selection Matrices PowerPoint presentation). In which cell do you believe Coca-Cola Company belongs? Defend your answer.3.Next, using the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (Slide 7), determine the grand strategy (or grand strategies) that should be pursued by Coca-Cola. Discuss the assumptions you have made in applying the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (i.e., explain why you chose “overcome weaknesses” vs. “maximize strengths” and why you chose “internally-directed” vs. “externally directed”).4.Next, apply the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters (Slide 8) to the Coca-Cola Company. Discussion the assumptions you made in applying the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters to the Coca-Cola Company (i.e., rapid vs. slow growth; weak vs strong competitive position).5.Finally, apply the BCG Matrix (Slide 10) to Coca-Cola’s core strategic choices. Again, discuss your assumptions for choosing, e.g., high versus low market share). Is Coca-Cola a Dog, Cash Cow, Star, or Question Mark?6.Compare your results from the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (Step 2), the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters (Step 3), and the BCG Matrix (Step 4). How do your results compare?7.Conclude your written analysis by stating which grand strategy (or strategies) Coke should follow and why. Defend your answer!Assignment ExpectationsYour Case Assignment should be a minimum of 5-6 pages in length. You are required to use APA formatting and you are required to cite and reference your sources.Please make sure you review the assignment rubric prior to writing your assignment.Be sure to use section headings to organize your paper, for example:1.Introduction2.Coca-Cola Company SWOT3.Application of the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix4.Application of the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters5.Application of the BCG Matrix6.Comparison of Results7.The Grand Strategy Coca-Cola Should Choose8.Conclusion References:CalMiramarUniversity. (2012, March 1). Strategic Management: 15 Grand Strategies . Retrieved from (2013, September 15). Grand Strategy Matrix . Retrieved from Business Academy. (2013, March 7). How the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Growth-Share Matrix Works . Retrieved from ReadingShould you need additional resources on Grand Strategy selection, there are many such sources on the internet. Google “grand strategy selection” as a key word.In the following seminal article by John Pearce, grand strategies are discussed. This strategy selection process is still used by corporations today:Pearce, J.A., II. (1982). Selecting among alternative grand strategies. California Management Review (Pre-1986), 24(000003), 23. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.Here are some interesting articles on grand strategy selection in various industries:Product Development:Dahlin, E.; Nelson, G. M.; Haynes, M.; Sargeant, F. (2016). Success rates for product development strategies in new drug development. Journal of Clinical Pharmacy & Therapeutics, 41(2), 198-202. Retrieved from EBSCO-Academic Search Complete.Joint Venture:Dean Foods will process, distribute Organic Valley milk. (2016). Dairy Foods, 117(12), 18. Retrieved from EBSCO-Business Source Complete.Vertical Integration:Routroy, S., & Shankar, A. (2014). A study of apparel supply chain risks. IUP Journal of Supply Chain Management, 11(2), 52-69. Retrieved from EBSCO-Business Source Complete.Wilson, N. E. (2015). Local market structure and strategic organizational form choices: Evidence from gasoline stations. International Journal of The Economics of Business, 22(1), 119-140. Retrieved from EBSCO-Business Source Complete.Retrenchment:Sweeney, C. (2016). Dow, Dow Corning streamline operations. Rubber & Plastics News, 45(25), 0004. Retrieved from EBSCO-Business Source Complete.Frankel, D. (2016). CableLabs’ McKinney: Group to lay off 27 in first-ever restructuring. Fierce Cable, 2. Retrieved from EBSCO-Business Source Complete.Market Development:Stein, N. (2016). Diversify to grow success. Horticulture Week, 28.

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