Grossmont and Cuyamaca College Histogram Lab Report

Progress Check

Use this activity to assess whether you and your peers can:

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Grossmont and Cuyamaca College Histogram Lab Report
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Select an appropriate bin width for a histogram and explain your choice.

Use a histogram to describe the shape, center, and spread of a distribution of data.


We will use our unique IAT data sets to learn how to create a histogram using StatCrunch. We will also practice what we’ve learned about describing a histogram.  We are interested in describing the distribution of IAT participants’ ages when they took the IAT test.

  • Data
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    in this assignment open in a new tab.

    Login and open StatCrunch (directions).

    Open your IAT sample data set in StatCrunch (directions).

    Create a histogram of the ages of the IAT participants  (directions).

    Download the StatCrunch output window, your histogram (directions).


    In your initial post, respond to the following prompt. But first, be sure to complete the work in the Data section above.

    Describe the distribution of IAT participants’ ages in your sample. Your description should include: shape, center, spread, a typical interval of representative ages, and any apparent outliers (unusual ages). Be sure to embed your histogram in the textbox along with your response – and include the Alt Text (directions). Please do not submit your histogram as an attachment. Create a second histogram for the distribution of ages, and adjust the bin width (directions). Try both smaller and larger bin widths.  Choose a bin width so that your second histogram does not look like the first. Also, embed your second histogram in the textbox with your response. Indicate which histogram is better for analyzing the data (your first embedded histogram or your second). Explain why. Your random sample was obtained from the population of participants for your chosen IAT data set. Based on the histogram from your random sample, how would you describe the population of participants for your chosen IAT data set? Do you think the IAT population is similar to the U.S. population? List ofStatCrunch Directions

    Click here for StatCrunch Directions

    Module 7 Discussion Board

    Use the Module 7

    discussion board

    (opens in a new tab) to ask questions or provide feedback about the problems in any Module 7 activity – including this peer-reviewed assignment.

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