health science


: Nursing student

1. 3-Minute Thoughts – 
What are some stressors that you have identified in your own life? How can you address these so they do not interfere with your success throughout the nursing program?

2. 3-Minute Thoughts – 

Write about a time that you were new at a job. When was it? How did you feel? Stressed? Excited? 

What helped you become familiar with the new surroundings and role? 

Did you have an orientation? If so, what helped? 

What did you learn from the experience?

3. Mindfulness Reflection – 
The dietitian discusses that you “eat to live, not live to eat.” She describes that 80/20 rule of What percentage of “empty calories” do you think you consume in a day, and what results mentioned in the video do you experience when you eat “too many” empty calories?

4. What interventions can you apply to help meet the ratio of good calories/empty calories?


5. When taking care of patients, why do you think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources?

6. How do you think evidence from nursing journals affects patient care?

7. What role does using the right evidence play in being a professional nursing student?

8. What role does understanding plagiarism and academic integrity play in being a professional nursing student?

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