Health Science

You and your colleagues had a twitter conversation in which you all addressed a specific aspect of the emergency in your communities through the lenses of your professions.
Tweets can only go so far in imparting critical information. Podcasts have become a go-to for millions to get credible information quickly and on demand. In your leadership role, you will often need to communicate using modes of communication that are low costs and will reach your stakeholders wherever they may be. Podcasts can accomplish this.
You will create a 5-minute podcast that provides your community with more information about the issue you tweeted about, including where your task force work is at.  You have several options for creating your podcast.

You can choose to pair up with someone else and do a joint podcast. One of you can play the podcast host, while the other serves as an expert guest. If you are the host, you will still be expected to share information that showcases your knowledge on the topic. In essence, you’ll be both hosting and contributing insights and knowledge, If you are the guest, you can also feel free to ask your host questions or invite a dialogue in a certain area. These sorts of podcasts are a give-and-take dialogue that enriches the audience. While this approach involves a bit more coordination, it is often more fun and overall less work for each of you. You will each likely receive the same grade as long as you both show that you have contributed substantially to recording your podcast.
You can serve as a solo podcaster. In this case, you will record your podcast much like a short TED podcast with just the one person.

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Health Science
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Whichever you choose, you want to speak persuasively and compellingly. Imagine that you really need your community’s buy-in and have these few minutes to get it. The information should be evidence-backed, closely aligned to the issue at hand (e.g., digital safety, being savvy to scammers, home preparations, etc.) and very focused.
You will need to address at least one legal or compliance issue involved in your discipline’s perspective. Use your profession’s best practices, as well, when you provide your recommendation to your audience.
This will involve some research. You should have at least three sources of current, highly credible information and should credit your sources in your podcast by organization or research (not by document).
Note that you must provide a transcript in a Word or PDF format to ensure all can access what you have created as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Note: this is important to always be aware of in your professions!)

All posts are due by the end of the week. However, the earlier in the week you post, the more points you will get in the rubric. Please view your rubric for specific information on maximizing your points. 
Part I: Initial Post (Due Week 2)
Post your podcast along with a transcript for ADA accessibility.
Part II: Interact with Classmates (Due Week 2)
Review at least three other podcasts, with two being from disciplines other than yours, and share your thoughts with your colleagues. Talk about the similarities and differences across fields around legal and compliance issues. Share the ethical issues you see arising, whether potential or actual. Be sure to moderate your own podcast thread, as well, and engage in conversation with those who have responded to you.
If you have not yet up your Zoom account, please see these instructions Download these instructions. Note: you will be recording an MP4 file that will save locally to your computer. Please upload that MP4 file to the discussion. Please also include a written transcript in your post. For more information on starting a Zoom meeting and recording, please see these links:

Zoom Video Tutorials Home (Links to an external site.)
Using Zoom with Canvas FAQ (Links to an external site.)
Local (MP4) Recording With Zoom
Be sure to do some research about best practices for recording a video before you actually record. One resource is from TechSmith.

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