Instructions: This assignment will address prior and possible current threats to the assets in the environment (used in this project).

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NOTE: If you conduct research on your environment and are unable to find any history of actual previous threats then project the types of threats that could have existed previously in your chosen

Be sure to adhere to the word count for each question. Each question need to be answered by using the terminology of the industry.

Be sure to cite three to five relevant scholarly sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the GCU Library, government websites or those provided in Class Resources

 1.Conduct qualitative research to assess prior threats. How were the threats carried out in your environment? For example, how the shooting at Columbine was carried out. (250-350 words) 


2.Determine possible threats to specific assets in the (your) environment. (100-150 words)

3.Analyze the modus operandi of past threats on assets in your specific environment. Break down and outline the MO. Was it spontaneous, or was it planned? Delineate how the individual or group carried out the threat. (250-300 words)

4.Identify a threat on an asset that is new to your environment. For example, if a politician comes in the building, how do we assess the threat of assassination? What is the connection between threats? (such as assassination, throwing a shoe, verbal assault, or kidnaping.)- (150-200 words 

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