HIM 225University of Phoenix HIPAA Privacy Essay

You may use resources to completely answer the following question. Iexpect that you will use some creativity and depth when you areanswering these questions. Your score will be determined by your use ofcritical thinking skills (problem solving) and persuasiveness of yourconclusions. Be creative, what do you think are important elements theHIPAA Privacy and security rule. When you use other sources, please use APA formatting. If you areunsure of how to format the citations and references, there are manyresources on the internet.Complete the following essay questions. Hint: search key words suchas: consent, authorization in the Dept HHS web site. List the CFRreference you used to complete your answer. Site the state (if there isone) law/regulation and HIPAA privacy rule. Do not just copy from thewebsite, write your answers in your own words.

(each answer should be a paragraph)

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HIM 225University of Phoenix HIPAA Privacy Essay
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1. Do patients have to sign an authorization to obtain their own records? (3 Points)

2.What records, besides medical records, must be provided for individualupon request per HIPAA? Hint: Consult the Department of HHS website.List the CFR reference you used to complete your answer. (3 points)3.How soon do you have to provide patients copies of their own record?How soon do you have to provider them to other requestors? (4 points)

Case study (10 Points)

Be Well Medical Centerhas recently acquired five large physician practices in the region, andyou, as part of the team merging the system and processes into themedical center procedures, are evaluating the privacy and securityconcern. During the evaluation it is discovered that the variousphysician practices have several different types of digital copiers thatare use in the offices.

vWhat potential HIPAA violation (s) can be identified in the scenario?

vIs there a way to mitigate the risk for a potential HIPAA violation(s)?

vWhat advice does the OCR have that can be used to guide you in this process?

(answer the case study in easay form )

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