hip 3500

We will discuss 2 cases related to withholding and withdrawing life support. One is a landmark case from over 30 years ago and one is very recent. One involved a court case to remove life support and one involved a court case to maintain life support on an infant.

There are brief youtube videos on each. You can also google both of these individuals to read much more.
Case 1: Nancy Cruzan
Case 2: Charlie Gard 
Please select one of these cases for your initial response. When creating a thread, complete the subject line by identifying which case you are responding to.
in responding, first do a very brief summary of the particular individual and the ethical dilemma. Then respond to Step 2 OR Steps 3 and 4 of the Framework for Ethical Decision Making.

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hip 3500
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Use the worksheet that includes the prompts for what to include at each step. 
Remember that the ethical decision making in these cases is about the ethical dilemma of withholding / withdrawing life support vs. maintaining life support.

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