History 1302

In a brief essay of 250-300 words, address the following:Explain the significance of the adoption of the Latin phase E Pluribus Unum as the national motto. Include the history surrounding the adoption and where the phrase can be found today.Explain the significance of the adoption of the phrase “In God We Trust” for inclusion on United States currency. Explain why the phrase was later chosen as the new national motto during the 1950s.Draw a conclusion as to why the phrase “In God We Trust” became a point of controversy during the last three decades of the 20th century.For background information that will help you with this assignment, access the following websites; www.allabouthistory.org/in-god-we-trust.htm www.religioustolerance.org/nat_mott.htm www.greatseal.com/mottoes/unum.html

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History 1302
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