History, Culture and Civilization What can history teach us?

For this week I need the Essay DraftIn your weekly discussions, you have chosen a topic, composed a thesis statement, written an introduction, and added research. Now it is time to take your essay to the next level and complete a draft. For this assignment, draft at least 50% of your essay (600 words). Be sure your introductory paragraph includes your thesis. The draft should include at least two of the four or more sources you are using. The Final Essay instructions are available to download above.Requirements for Draft of Critical Essay• Minimum 600+ words (Abstract is not required for draft. Title page and reference page are not included in required word count)• APA manuscript format with proper documentation• Resources: must show at least two of the four required sources integrated into the text Below are the requirements for the Final paper which I will request for you as well to writeCritical Analysis PaperFor this assignment, you will write a 1200-word critical analysis based on one of the following topics inspired by readings in our textbook, The McGraw-Hill Reader. The paper will include quoting the text, as well as additional research from the library database or another approved and reliable source documented correctly in proper APA format. This paper requires writing in Third Person Point of View in a persuasive mode. The abstract should be 100 words and the body (excluding the cover page and reference page) of the paper should be 1000 words. Be sure to use the template for a research paper that you created in Week One, and provide direct support from your sources. It would be best to use the readings from your textbook, but other reliable sources should also be used. At least three sources are required. Choose ONE of the following topics.I selected the topic below:History, Culture and Civilization What can history teach us? Overview: page 279Essays: America’s “Oh Sh*t” Moment, Niall Fergeson pages 291- 2951776 and All That: America after September 11, Edward Hoagland pages 297- 299

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