History week 8

 Watch the video of President Obama speaking about the 2012 shooting death of African American teen Trayvon Martin. Watch/read the ABC News story on President Trump threatening to declare Antifa a “terrorist organization” as protests and riots over the 2020 in-police-custody death of unarmed African American George Floyd raged. Then answer the questions below. 

1. After the American Civil War, slavery was abolished, but racial discrimination remained entrenched in some American laws until the 1960s. What legal changes of the past 70 years have given African Americans equality before the law? Be specific.
2. Has formal legal equality been enough to ensure equitable treatment for minorities? Why or why not?
3. How does President Obama’s address speak to the fear and frustration felt by many people of color? Do you think Mr. Obama’s point is valid? Explain.
4. Do you think it’s acceptable for protesters to break laws to force legal and social change? Why or why not?

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History week 8
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