Homeland Security

Answer all questions individually on a separate page, and make sure each answer is 300 words and additionally, remember cite any outside references in APA Format. Also in reference to question#1, use a jurisdiction of your choice, and this jurisdiction will be used on another assignment later on in this course.Discussion#1Question#1. Discuss the Types of Critical Infrastructure that encompass your jurisdiction, rating them from the most important to the least important in relation to the least secure to the most secure. What are the vulnerabilities of the least secure forms of critical infrastructure/ key assets? Question#2. In relation to discussion number 1, what improvements would you recommend in order to better protect your most vulnerable critical infrastructure/ key assets? Are these improvements fiscally and strategically possible for your jurisdiction or are these a “wish list”?Discussion#2Question#3. What is meant by Network Flow Resilience, and the Paradox of Redundancy of the textbook? How does this apply to your jurisdiction/ local community? What forms of redundancy are within your current position and what forms could be used to improve resilience? Question#4. Research your community communications plan for emergencies, as well as your agency’s communications redundancies. What are the basic outlined contingency plans for communication and communication failures? What redundancies (back-ups) exist if any? Are these effective enough or are more forms of redundancies needed to increase resilience in the face of crisis? If additional redundancies are necessary, what is needed and why? Should be at least 300 words. additionally, remember cite any outside references in APA Format.

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Homeland Security
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