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Final Paper & Presentation
The goal of your Final Paper & Presentation is for you to research, analyze, and critique statutory or regulatory changes for a designated state of your choice (except Massachusetts and California are not permitted for this assignment). From an operator’s perspective, you will identify three statutory or regulatory changes that would make your chosen state an attractive venue for operators. Complete assignment details are outlined below.

Choose the state you would like to research further
Briefly describe the specific state you chose and what interested you most about this particular state
Research the current statues or regulations (What are their cannabis laws and regulations?)

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Include state/local cannabis industry associations

Collect, organize, and further unpack the state specific regulations
Based on your research, analyze the change needs to occur

The needs should be supported with evidence and additional resources

Identify three changes that would make that particular state a more attractive venue for operators

Define why you specifically identified these changes

Clearly identify the three changes to the statutes or regulations that would make that state more attractive for operators.
Further support your decision by incorporating credible resources

Final Paper Submission Requirements

Before you submit your Final Assignment, review Steps 1-8 to ensure you have addressed all of the requirements
Submit as a Word Document to the link in Blackboard
8- 10 pages in length (including Title Page and References)
Adhere to APA Formatting 

Be sure to cite all resources appropriately
Proper grammar and spelling are essential 

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