How anti-establishment views influenced Rock and roll society between 1955-1966

For this project, you will research and create a presentation on the influence anti-establishment views have had on rock and roll music during the years 1955-1966. Your focus may be on one rock and roll band or on rock as a whole.Use the topic you selected (How Anti-Establishment Views influenced Rock and Roll Music Society Between 1955 and 1966) and the sources used in the annotated bibliography (listed below). Additional sources can be used, but the sources from the annotated bibliography must be used. In text citations must be used, and links to a video or sound clip used when a song is referenced (must have at least 2 song references with citations). ****Present your topic by writing a paper with a minimum of 750 words.  Your paper should be written in APA format and use a 12-point font. The project must include:• A thesis statement• An introduction, a body and a conclusion• A minimum of three (3) sources• Reference to one social issue as indicated above and at least one musical group or on rock and roll in general and how the music was impacted by the social issue• At least two (2) links to outside songs or videosAnnotated Bibliography for sources:Friedlander, P., & Miller, P. (1996). Rock and roll: A social history (p. 184). Boulder, CO: Westview Press.The book by Friedlander and Miller illustrates the history of the rock and roll movement. It details the inception of the popular culture among communities in California to the era of the anti-establishment politics between 1955 and 1966. The book fits this assignment as it presents a basis for understanding how Rock and Roll Music Society gained popularity in the period between 1955 and 1966. This is important and it provides background for the research. The book will be a good addition to the study due to its descriptive nature and well researched views on the movement. This will help develop a case on the anti-establishment views on the Rock and Roll Music Society as well.Smith, M. J. (2011). “Spirit of America”: Socio-cultural and gender issues in early Beach Boys songs (Doctoral dissertation, California State University, Long Beach).Smith presents an argument about the anti-establishment society. He details the cultural influence Rock and Roll has and how the anti-establishment society helped propagate this influence in the State of California. This explains the popular stint of Rock and Roll music in America as is determined in his dissertation. The study also demonstrates the extent to which the social setup of the country was imbalanced thanks to Rock and Roll. Smith’s dissertation is significant to this research as it presents facts that will be of value to explicate the influence of Rock and Roll music on society. This will strengthen the arguments made in the final project.Phillips, R. (2012). Rock and roll fantasy: The reality of going from garage band to superstardom (Vol. 35). Springer Science & Business Media.The article by Phillips presents the humble roots of the Rock and Roll Music society. He argues that the rise in popularity was not as anticipated. He believes that there were a lot of precipitating factors including the anti-establishment movements that propagated the Rock and Roll agenda. The research done by Philips is detailed and informative. It will solidify the arguments made in the final project and become a great source of information for the research. Given the great peer rating of the Springer Science magazine, the article will help get this project some great reviews.

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How anti-establishment views influenced Rock and roll society between 1955-1966
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