Hurricans Unit VII Web Assignment

Unit VII Web AssignmentHurricanes Web AssignmentAccess the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Create-A-Cane site here, or copy and paste thisaddress into your browser Follow the instructions below to answerthe questions.Use this interactive game to create a “perfect storm.” Go through and adjust the atmospheric conditions to produce apowerful hurricane. If you get the conditions perfect, you will get a score of 80 and the simulation will prompt you toanswer a few questions. If you go on to answer the questions correctly, you can boost your score to 100. It may take youseveral attempts to get your perfect storm and you do not need to report your score. Use the help buttons to understandhow each factor contributes to the formation of the storm. Once you are satisfied with your score, answer the questionsbelow. Copy and paste the questions into a word document. Once you have answered all the questions, save thedocument using your last name and student ID as the file name and upload to Blackboard for grading.1. What types of winds were required in each level of the atmosphere? Describe the wind speed and direction ateach level.2. Why is it critical that all levels blow in the same direction to form a tropical storm? What happens when you havelower winds blowing a different direction than upper winds?3. It seems intuitive that stronger winds would be better for forming a hurricane. Why is this not the case?4. What was the ideal latitude range for the formation of the tropical storm? Why?ES 1010, Earth Science 45. Given that tropical storms/hurricanes require high moisture and temperatures, why can’t tropical storms form atthe equator (0 degrees latitude), where temperatures and moisture are generally very high?6. What moisture level was required for each of the atmospheric layers?7. Why is moisture critical to form a hurricane?8. How did the sea temperature affect your score? Why?9. Which of the above factors seem to make the biggest difference in your score and why?10. Explain why hurricanes dissipate so quickly once they make landfall

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