Incidence Response

Nima ZahadatFSCS 730Individual Project 2PurposeThe purpose of this project is for you to continue learning and improving your skills in:1. Forensics2. Security3. ResearchRequirementsYou are required to research the credentialing for digital forensic investigators. Create a presentation via PowerPoint/Keynote along with a video presentation and demonstration and a professionally written paper.• Are there any federal or state level credentialing bodies that certify investigators?• Are there private organizations that certify private investigators and how reputable are they?o Any non-profits?o Any for-profits?o Is there any oversite of these organizations?o Any better or worse based on your research?• Research cases that were handled by investigators certified by private organizations that have led to innocent people getting convicted and vice versa• How would an oversite body at federal or state level improve incident responses, data collection, reporting, and expert witnesses’ standings?• Research why there seems to be a lack of high-level oversite for forensic investigators? What seem to be the obstacles if any?• Recommend possible solutions based on your research and literature review• Describe your research, learning, and literature review processes• You must use peer-reviewed journals for your research and cite everything properly• Your paper, using font-size 12, Times New Roman, properly cited and NOT written in first or second person. Paper needs to be at least 2,000 words and double-spaced. Your paper must have the following sections: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Literature Review, Research, Key Findings, Recommendations (optional), Conclusion, References

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