Individual Project only PPT Required 15 slides (without title and reference)

For this assignment, you are the lead forensics specialist for a company known as the “Knet.” Usually, your assistant would be in charge of training the new hires on the significance of report writing. Unfortunately, your assistance had a family emergency and had to leave the country for a couple of weeks. You are now responsible for conducting this training with 15 people your company just hired. Please prepare at least 10-15 slides PPT presentation on the following:

The history of the forensic wheel
Explain the significance of a final report
Initial contact and what should be included
The technical aspect of a report as it relates to ‘state.’
The importance of answering a general list of question
How important is documenting initial issues such as DNA
Why does the explanation of strategies, tools, and versions necessary?
What is validation and its significance?
List and explain the formats in which final reports are saved 
You will then conduct a recording via zoom of you doing the presentation. The recording should be 10-15 minutes. You do not need to be in the video. Please be concise. Upload both the PPT and MP4 to the thread. Please address your audience and not your professor. The required slides do not include your title or reference slides. You must cite accordingly to support your claim. Please use credible sources outside of the textbook. Here is a hint: Use the school library.

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Individual Project only PPT Required 15 slides (without title and reference)
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