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Quitech Mission
For quite some time phone, fax, and email were the leading ways to communicate in business.  The systems listed are fine, but you will need to increase your communications needs to engage in business in today’s economy.  Quitech brings unified communications to your network, which brings your company’s communication needs into the 21st century.  Communication today is not the same as it was a decade ago.  Businesses are communicating using both hardware and software, today business can take place in your living room, bedroom, local lounge, library, at a kid’s game or in the office. The pandemic has shown us that there is a need to update your business strategy to include communication as a key component. 
Overview and Structure of the Business
Quitech is a veteran and minority-owned firm which provide consulting solutions for unified communications in the areas of voice, video, and telecommunications support.  We specialize in providing technical services to both the Federal Government and Private Sector.  Our mission is to build a company dedicated to producing, servicing, and supporting quality information systems.
Our team is comprised of multi-disciplined experienced professionals, spanning a variety of executive, technical, operational areas of expertise.  The executive team will be the CEO, CTO (will also serve as Director of Operations), CFO, HR Administration and Business Development.  Middle management will consist of a Program Management and a Project Management.  On the ground meaning at the client’s location, we will have a Program manager, Project manager, Team Lead to oversee the daily operations.  In the office our teams will consist of 3-man teams.  (A System Engineer, System Technician, and a System Specialist).  The team size can change depending on the size of the contract and the Service Level Agreement (SLA).  The goal is to have someone available to assist you at all levels of failure, no matter the issue.
Level1:  VTC Specialist                  VoIP Specialist                 Telecom Specialist
Level 2:  VTC Technician              VoIP Technician               Telecom Technician
Level3:  VTC Engineer                   VoIP Engineer                  Telecom Engineer

Overview and Structure 
Hart Dynasty Cleaning Services mission is to leave your home and business spotless. While performing an affordable expedient top-notch service.  There are a lot of moving parts that are required and needed. From a logistical standpoint to establish a successful business. Not to mention in order for an operation of this magnitude to reach such high potential. The cleaning service should have individual placed strategically in roles that will benefit the structure organization. Having these key personals that can maintain integrity, good order, and discipline. While at the same time managing position in various sectors within the cleaning service business.  
Some of the key areas which requires oversight consists of having a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Product Manager Officer (CPMO), Chief Developer Officer (CDO), Chief Operation Officer (COO) Chief Marketing Officer, (CMO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Vice President of sales (VP) Customer Relation Officer (CRO), Lead Supervisor, Onsite Supervisor, Training Coordinating and Staff members. Each title is self-explanatory and correlates to a specific function within the business. Without having sharper induvial in place that can handle their perspective responsibility could hinder the overall aspect of the mission. In regard to safeguarding private information each person in the company will be given access rights based upon their level of job. Keep in mind when it pertains to setting boundaries for personally to have access this process will be taking seriously. It is obvious that companies on the past has encounter cyber-attacks. Which caused some grave issues that effected the costumer and the company as a whole.  

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