Intro to Networking: Assignment 3

Must be one full page. At least (2) APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism. Attached is the previous assignment instruction leading to this assignment. Also, attached is the answer that will you for this work.

You have completed building out the physical aspect of your network in the new ACME, Inc. facility. Now let’s get it up and running.
You will need to provide a plan for how to bring the network online.

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Intro to Networking: Assignment 3
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Note: There are 5 departments moving into the facility

Accounts Receivables
Accounts Payables
Human Resources
Outside Sales

Your plan should include the following, this is not the entire list.

Network Switch Configurations
IP Addressing table and assignments/Subnetting strategy
Routing Tables (3 minimum routes/remember this is a remote office)
Remember to justify your choices

All of this should be contained in a Word document

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