The  2 instructional models are: Direct Instruction or Personalized System Instruction (PSI)

Students come to class with varying skills, abilities, and personal circumstances.  As a follower of Christ, our first priority in public education should be to set an example of love and care, especially for those dealing with difficulty in their lives. One way we can do that is making sure we don’t exclude any students in our class, but show them that we care by helping them engage with others.

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How we differentiate our instruction to meet each student’s need will help both the student and the educator.  Below are different scenarios of students that might be part of your classroom.  Discuss which instructional model would work best to help the student become proficient in the standard for each scenario. Explain how the instructional model would be used in the lesson. Give at least two advantages and one disadvantage of using that model.

  1. A student with gross motor development issues.  The standard being addressed in your lesson today is, high school course 1, standard 1.1 Combine and apply movement patterns, simple to complex, in aquatic, rhythms/dance, and individual and dual activities.  The specific activity is the tennis serve.
  2. A student with visual impairment.  The standard being addressed in your lesson today is high school course 2, standard 2.6 Develop and describe a physical fitness plan that enhances personal health and perfor­mance in future leisure and workplace activities. The specific activity is to create a summer workout schedule.
  3. An English language learner.  The standard being addressed in your lesson today is high school course 1, standard 3.5 Develop personal goals to improve one’s performance in physical activities.  The unit you are teaching is weight lifting.  
  4. A student with attention deficit disorder.  The standard being addressed in your lesson today is high school course 2, standard 1.10 Analyze situations to determine appropriate strategies to use in combative, gymnastic/ tumbling, and team activities. The unit you are teaching is basketball.

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