Life Review and Ego Integrity

Identify an older adult age 65 +, use a 1st and last initial. Execute a therapeutic assessment interview with them for at least two interview sessions assessing their self-identified:• Demographics, life time education and career/employment• Two most significant (positive) times in their lives• What past hardship or loss has the client successfully negotiated in the past?• Two personal strengths• Engage them in identifying what is healthy versus non-healthy coping skills• Inquire of 2 healthy coping skills they have used in the past and/or now• Three (3) pieces of advice they would give to their younger self if they could?• Support the client in taking the Geriatric Depression Scale.pdf• Support the client in taking the Fulmer SPICES Assessment.pdf• Perform a Mini Mental State Exam.pdf and Patient_Stress_Questionnaire.pdf (attach here)• Perform a Hall, Hall, and Chapman Article.pdf• Report the findings from the Geriatric Depression Scale, Fulmer Spices, Patient stress questionnaire and the mini mental status exam• Discuss your older adult’s level of ego integrity vs. despair as described by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson. If you had to rate them on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing a full state of despair and 10 representing full ego integrity, what rating would you give your older adult?• Describe at least two nursing diagnoses for this client. • Create a plan of care for the client to include at least three nursing goals with two nursing interventions each. • The assignment should be written in an APA-formatted essay and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.Turnitin score must be less than 20 % and please include an introduction and conclusion. I will attach additional data that is needed for this assignment.

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Life Review and Ego Integrity
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